KENYE Introduction KENYE brand is a VIP style luxury wheel brand owned by Guangdong Hongtian Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongtian Technology). In addition to KENYE, there are MMX and HTian brands under Hongtian Technology. The difference is that MMX is positioned as a high-end sports brand, with lightweight as the core, HTian is positioned as an ultra luxury brand, creating an American style hard style. KENYE brand is mainly aimed at creating exclusive luxury wheels for VIP users. Founder: Ye Kangqiang; Brand positioning: luxury wheel Brand concept: high standards Brand style: luxury VIP; Brand color: pine and cypress green; Industry: refitting wheel hub Product process: forging, multi piece forging, spinning; Headquarter address: China Guangzhou
Brand definition: KENYE brand trademark is a combination of KENYE's initial letter K design icon and KENYE letter, and uses pine and cypress green as the brand color. Pine and cypress green represents nature, ecology and environmental protection, and also represents youth, vitality, prosperity and magnificence.
Brand positioning: KENYE focuses on the VIP refitting market of luxury cars, has a unique understanding of the VIP refitting market, focuses on research and exploration in the field of luxury car refitting, meets various demands for VIP refitting of luxury cars, and has strict requirements for product technology. The overall product design conforms to the solemn and steady visual effect of luxury cars, and is committed to becoming a benchmark brand in the domestic luxury car VIP refitting market.
Brand style: KENYE brand design style is characterized by a large number of VIP style elements, such as polished edges, rivets and exaggeration. Special vehicles are used for special purpose, and the commercial end is customized. KENYE designers create VIP style luxury wheels according to the requirements of vehicles and user demands. The direction of modeling design is mainly novel, fashionable, luxurious and gorgeous. Serve car enthusiasts with new designs and technologies. KENYE brand concept: all high standards
KENYE product process: In order to meet the individual needs of the market, KENYE provides the market with products of one piece, two piece, three piece forging and spinning processes, among which the representative products are: KENYE three piece KENYE two-piece KENYE one-piece KENYE Spinning Style